Why, hello there. I guess I should tell you a bit about myself. I have a fashion & personal style blog- Bows & Sequins. I tweet a lot. I get weak-in-the-knees for glitzy glamour. Most everything I love and/or would “die” for is adorned with bows and sequins. I am also obsessed with fur, leopard, and velvet. I am a man repeller. Who am I?  A shopping-obsessed fashion junkie. Sometimes I feel like my life revolves around my closet and finding fabulous things to put in it. I enjoy the fun, creativity, and frivolity of fashion, and have an eye for style and trendsetting. I don’t think I know all that much about fashion, but I love putting outfits together and accessorizing. Lots of accessorizing. As cliche as it is, Rachel Zoe is my idol. Rachel Zoe + a little Martha Stewart.